Journey Through Scorpio

Alexandria’s STAR “Scorpio” wants to take you on a journey through her body… She starts by showing off her lovely little body. Then she picks out 3 fish, all separately, and asks “I wonder what it would be like inside my stomach” & “I wonder what it would be like inside my stomach acids”. She then places each fish on her tongue and allows us to watch the fish inside her mouth until she closes and takes a sip of water and then gulps each fish down. We then watch the path each fish takes and Scorpio rubs her stomach and says “The fish are digesting in my stomach acids”… Scorpio then sits on the floor and drinks a glass full of fish. She lays flat on the floor and moves her stomach back and forth helping the fish digest. At this point, Scorpio is ready to regurgitate them back up to see her stomach acid destruction.


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