Scorpio’s Ex’s

Alexandria’s STAR “Scorpio” is laying in her bed enjoying the peace and quiet now that her and her boyfriend broke up! When she then notices that he must have forgotten to take his stupid pet fish! She calls him up and tells him that he has 2 MINUTES to get his ass over to her ass to her house and pick up his pets. She also tells him that if he doesn’t come, she is going to get rid of them and it won’t be by flushing them down the toilet, she is going to swallow them alive where they will be destroyed by her stomach acids and THEN be flushed down the toilet! He of course doesn’t believe her and she enjoys a couple goldfish “shots” and then forces the 5 unwilling participants to go down her throat. She sends her X selfies of the events and he calls and says that he is on his way. But Scorpio tells him not to bother for they are already GONE!


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