Life of A Goddess

Alexandria’s STAR “Allara” is an Ebony Goddess but unfortunately for her sons, they didn’t treat her as one! You see, Allara has turned all of her X’s into fish and swallowed them whole for not being “the man” they needed to be for such a Goddess… And now, it is her sons turn! They have failed her as sons and as men! All men should know that women are the Superior being and every command and wish of ours should ALWAYS be met by men, it is why they are on this earth, to serve WOMEN! So Allara takes all seven of her sons and turns them into goldfish. She swallows each one down but always giving her reasons for each one. One went willingly for he knows his purpose. Another didn’t worship her feet. One didn’t worship her belly which is where is actually became a man… One son she terrorized with her big ebony ass for that is the ass he will be coming out of! Her favorite was the son who had a giantess fetish. He wanted to be swallowed by a giantess. Allara loved this fact. But the boy was still a virgin and Allara did not want him to die a virgin…. So she allowed him to get himself off to her mouth before she swallowed him kicking & screaming! She places one of her boys on a glass table and terrorizes this young man with her mouth! The last one she soaks him with her Goddess spit!

Ahhh The Life of A Goddess…


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