Makayla Gets Detention

Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” is so pissed! She got a detention over stupid boys in her class and now she is late for her party! She calls Daniella telling her what happen but she has a solution for payback! She tells her she’ll be sending her pics and hangs up. She looks at the fish in bowl, dunks her hand in and grabs the first victim, HER TEACHER!!! She’s tells him its his fault he is in the predicament and says she is willing to let him live if he apologizes… She waits, hears nothing so down he goes. The next two fish are boys that liked her and drove her crazy so she seduces them before she swallows them! The next fish, well…. he is a very bad boy and jumps out of Makayla’s giant hand so she throws him on the floor and smashes him literally to bits with her giant shoe, THEN TAKES A PICTURE OF IT! She takes the last boy, CHAD, who she always had a crush on and she places him on a glass table and the camera captures her seducing him with her tongue until she finally sits up and swallows him down too!



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