Lil Sis

Alexandria gets her 1st newest STAR of the Year!!! You all fell in love with Jazmin, how could you not? Then I was able to introduce to you Jazmin’s mom, HOT Milf “Naomi”. Well let me now introduce to you another family member that has become of age and immediately contacted me, Jazmin’s 18 yr old LIL SIS, who goes by the name of “Scorpio”!!! Talk about a fishy nightmare!!! The whole damn family will eat you!!! Now, Scorpio is one sadistic little girl… She introduces herself to her victims before she swallows them. Then she tells each one to fight…. to fight for their life and she enjoys every second of watching them do so! She explains how she has been waiting for quite some time to get her mouth on these fish but had to wait. And now is the time!!! And lucky you gets to watch! WELCOME 18 YR OLD “SCORPIO” TO ALEXANDRIA’S STARS……………..


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