Love Taps

Sometimes I love my job and sometimes it is very frustrating. You see it takes a lot of preparation to create each and every clip and when I schedule a time for a girl to come over and then she doesn’t show, drives me crazy! So on this particular occasion, I decided to turn this negative energy around and create a positive one! And I did this by crushing the crawdads myself! As we all know, I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like too. So I took advantage of this “no show” and used my brand new sneakers to have some fun. I called this clip “Love Taps” because what I decided to do, was to just give each crawdad a quick little tap with my size 10’s and then watch as they are half alive and half dead. I wonder what goes through their mind as they are lying their wondering what the hell just happened to them! I certainly enjoyed this form of crush and I hope you do as well!!!


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