Makayla Ups The Ante

Once a month Makayla comes to visit me to create the “much appreciated” customs she gets throughout the month. While she was here the past couple days, she wanted to take a look at my other stars to see who her “competition” is! I showed her all my “new stars” and she seemed to get a little perturbed. Saying things like “those bitches can’t do what I do”! I said “well then why don’t you “up the ante”? She told me to go to the store and get some BIG goldfish, she wants to show “my stars” who’s still in charge around here! LMFAO The fish I got her actually fill up her whole throat! But she swallows them down like a champ. She even swallows TWO big fish at once! One slides right down her throat while the other waits his turn! Then she takes a “normal” sized goldfish and shows you the difference in size. pops him in her mouth and swallows him like it’s nothing! Makayla has AMAZING skills, like NO OTHER and you hear that right from “the fishes mouth”!


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