Makayla’s Last Clip

Here is Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” doing her very last clip “of 2014” and boy does she go out with a bang…. Not only does Makayla swallow big fish, but YUP, you guessed it, she does it with the endoscope! You’ve been requesting it, so here it is!!! Makayla starts by putting on her hot red lipstick, then she blots her juicy lip print on a napkin and autographs it, just for you! Then she swallows her first fish showing you deep inside her mouth and how easy it is for these fish to glide right down her throat. And then comes “the endoscope”!!! She gets this tool deep down her throat showing you straight down the fishes path…. She asks you how you liked the “new view” down her massive throat. She then swallows another fish and gets even further down her throat and what a throat she has!!! MMMMM to be so lucky to go down it would simply be a dream!


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