Makayla’s Oven

Alexandria STAR invited her BFF “Makayla” over to share in some fresh food! You see these two Giantess together, are nothing but trouble!!! Alexandria shows Makayla their precious gems and then Makayla remembers she has a surprise herself to show Alex. She caught these two mini’s snooping around her house. Once she trapped them, they explained they were looking for a lost brother & sister! As soon as Alexandria heard that story, she knew exactly who they were looking for but unfortunately that couple is no longer with us! Makayla immediately tries to devour the mini’s but Alexandria told her to hold on…. to savoir the moment and play a little game. She tells her to let the mini’s “swim with fishes” and if they can dodge her grasp, maybe she’ll let them live… Alexandria steps away and allows Makayla to indulge in her fun… Makayla loves the new game and grabs a few fish and swallows them down. She even pulls out “AL”, the leader of the mini’s, and makes him watch where he is eventually going to end up! Let’s just say that NO ONE survives and Makayla walks around enjoying the digestion process!


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