Makayla’s Tube Skills

Every time I work with Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” I always say to myself “she’s never going to top her last clip… and every time I am WRONG! In this clip Makayla takes my whole tank of fish, pours them into a tube and swallows every one of them! I think maybe 15 fish??? In this clip not only do you get the hot as hell Makayla, but you get to watch her swallow the fish from a tube, you get to watch her manipulate a fish all the way down to the back of her throat till he just slips down that black hole of hers, not only does she swallow two fish at a time but this girl swallows 5 fish IN ONE GULP!!! She opens her mouth so big that you can even count all 5 of the lucky little fish!!! I don’t know how she does it, but Makayla never ceases to amaze me!!!



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