Mommy’s Worst Nightmare

So Alexandria’s Star “Kylie” has always wanted to swallow a mommy and a baby together at the same time. And today she’s going to get that chance. She first takes the mommy away from her babies and puts her in a separate glass. Kylie tells her that she is going to make her watch as she eats her children! And these suckers are playful little fuckers. Once Kylie gets them out of water, they certainly jump all over the place. But the only place they are going is inside Kylie’s mouth and down to her belly. Kylie towers over them with her big juicy lips, sucking them up and then swallowing them alive. She tells the mommy she better keep watching! Finally once Kylie has swallowed all but one, she puts the mommy and the baby together and swallows them both! She cannot believe how much she enjoys it and thinks next time, let’s get a daddy!


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