Pissed Off Girlfriend

Alexandria’s STAR “Jazmin” is home waiting for her man to come home. She got all sexy for him so they can spend some “quality time” together. But he calls her and tells her that he isn’t going to make it home, he has to work late but wants her to feed his pet goldfish. Jazmin is pissed! But instead of feeding his stupid pet fish, she is going to feed herself – WITH THEM! This will take care of them once & for all. She also decides while she is swallowing them, she is going to take “selfies” to send to him while he is at work… Maybe that will get him to come home! After she swallows all 6 of his fish she feels a bit sick so she goes into the bathroom and throws up and what do you think came up? Yup… You guessed it, his beloved pets! Jazmin puts them back into the bowl “bellied up”!!! ADVICE: Next time you ask your significant other to feed your pets – THINK AGAIN!



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