Mother & Daughter

Alexandria’s STAR “Jazmin” just loves swallowing fish. She loves it so much that she’s been sneaking into her mothers room and swallowing her mom’s fish. Well this time, SHE GETS CAUGHT!!! Jazmin’s mom “Naomi” comes home unexpectedly and catches Jazmin right in the middle of the swallowing act! Naomi is completely caught off guard and wonder what the heck Jazmin is doing… Jazmin tells her that she’s sorry but she can’t help herself and that she should try it!!! Naomi, the cool mom that she is, decided she wanted to experience what her daughter was doing so she jumps on the bed with Jazmin and she shows her mom what to do. Naomi has a bit of a rough time getting the fish down, some were quite easy but others gave her a bit of a hard time. But all in all Naomi loved this new fetish that her daughter has introduced too. Jazmin begs her mom NOT to tell dad!!! Naomi agrees that if dad found out, he would be quite angry with the girls!WELCOME MY NEW MILF “NAOMI” TO ALEXANDRIA’S STARS!


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