My House

Alexandria’s NEW STAR “Emily” has an obsessed attachment with the house that she grew up in! You see her parents got divorced which forced the family to sell their family home. When this happened Emily became obsessed with anyone who tried to move in! As a young girl she would tell the landlord to NOT let anyone move into this house for her family would eventually move back in. But the landlord just would not listen. So Emily found a way to get rid of the families herself – by turning them into goldfish and then swallowing the entire family!!! So once again, Emily see’s a new family have moved into her home, she sneaks in the front door, she goes over to the intercom system and tells the family “I am coming to get you”!!! She goes into the backroom and turns them into goldfish. She comes out of the room and places them on the counter. She screams at them “Why did you make me do this to you” “This is MY HOUSE”!!! She tells them. She swallows the sister then the dad. She gets to them mom and throws her on the counter yelling at her for moving into her home! She swallows her down too…. She then shows her mouth the remaining family members, scaring the hell out of them! She swallows the entire family down, rubs her belly and then skips off to go enjoy her home!


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