Trust Me

Since Alexandria showed “Summer” how to turn bad men into fish, she has gone crazy! She decided to get back at the men who hurt her sister “Tanja”… She turned them all into fish and figured the best way to end their miserable lives is by having the girl they hurt swallow them – TANJA! But she is going to do this without her sister knowing what she’s done because she knows Tanja wouldn’t do it! So she comes home and tells Tanja to stop watching “Dr. Phil”, put this blindfold on and let’s get drunk! She tells her she’s made all kinds of shots for her and she wants her to swallow them and tell her what she thinks of each shot. Some shots have goldfish (well her X’s) in them, and some don’t! She gives her shot after shot and finally Tanja asks “is there something in these shots”? And Summer, the devious girl that she is tells her “Hell no, I made these shots WITH LOVE”!!! But Tanja is starting to not trust her sister so Summer has her take off her mask to see that there is nothing in the shots and the two decide to go out and have some fun!!! But little does Tanja know, her X’s are actually swimming in her belly!!!


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