One Word Carmen

This is my newest Crush Goddess “Carmen” and I think I might have a “girl crush” on her…. I mean there are so many adjectives that I could use about her, sexy, dominating, curvy, sensual, cruel, alluring and most of all a goddess!!! So I decided to give this clip only one word – CARMEN! To me, she is the perfect Crush Goddess! I know we all have our different tastes in women, but for me, she is it! Carmen sits in my garage and finds a bowl full of crawdads. She doesn’t know what to do with them, so she calls her BFF “Sasha” and asks her what she should do… Sasha tells her EXACTLY what to do with them – CRUSH THEM!!! And Carmen does an amazing job, doing just that!
To me, everything about this clip is PERFECT! And is now my all time, favorite clip!


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