Passing The Torch

Crush Goddess “Kylie” walks into the garage and didn’t notice the slave on the floor and steps right on him. She makes sure that he is smeared into the ground and then talks about how Alexandria is “retiring” from inboot worm crushes. Alexandria wants to pass the torch onto Kylie but she has a lot of catching up to do since she has only crushed like 150 worms! So Kylie starts off by putting 20 worms into her nasty sweaty smelly boots and tells them to get worshipping. Kylie jumps around completely dissolving the worms into her boots. But Kylie needs a bit more than just 20 worms in order to catch up, so she goes and grabs 300 more worms! She places the submissive little bugs inside her boots, she puts her hair up and goes to town. Telling the worms to die as she jumps around. The more she jumps, the more the worm goo just pours out her boots. Kylie then demands that you better by her more boots and more worms or she will turn you into a worm and you will first hand get know what it’s like to be crushed by Kylie.


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