Pissed Off Star

Alexandria’s STAR “Ashton Monroe” is one pissed off STAR! You see I haven’t been asking her to swallow any goldfish for me in a very long time!!! So she comes to my house to see what the problem is but I am not home and she lets herself in. She is so pissed at me that she decides that since I don’t use her anymore, she is going to swallow my fish anyway! She helps herself to my fish, gets undressed to her bra & panties and goes into the bedroom where she will be more comfortable… But my fish know they are not for her mouth and they try to escape! Which just pisses Ashton off even more! She swallows some fish with water and some without. It brings back all the old feelings for her and she is very much enjoying every minute of it. She even watches herself in the mirror as she swallows the last fish! Then she runs out hoping to not get caught!



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