Profile Update

Alexandria’s STAR “Diamond” is currently single and is trying a dating website. When she came across yours! She see’s how you two seem like a pretty good match until she reads the part where you state “I love girls who swallow goldfish”… She thinks that is quite strange as I’m sure most girls would. BUT. Diamond really thinks you two would make a good couple so she decides to see what it is you are talking about. She grabs her goldfish and starts swallowing. And she finds, that it is quite erotic swallowing these live creatures. So she decides to take some selfies and “update her profile” with pics of her swallowing fish! See if maybe you will notice her! And to her surprise… IT WORKS! You send her a message. But you ask her to send you a pic of her doing something just to see if she will actually do it! So what do you ask her to do? And does she do it???


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