Remi Calls in For Help

Alexandria’s Star “Remi” keeps finding fairy’s in her house. But now they are starting to be sneaky and hiding to avoid being eaten. So Remi calls in for help and she calls her friend “Lexi” to come over to help her find these pesky critters! The two girls search the house trying to find each one. Lexi finds her first one and swallows her right down, laughing as she feels her fluttering around in her belly. Remi finds one and isn’t so nice. Remi rips her to pieces before swallowing her down. Then the two girls go into Remi’s bedroom and find two more! But before swallowing them, the girls decide to show them what is about to happen to them by swallowing two live fish! Then they each swallow their captured fairy’s. Lexi listens to Remi’s belly as she hears their screams from inside!


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