Ride Of Your Life

You all know that I “Alexandria Star” don’t get too many opportunities to have some fun myself…. But today was different! You see I was “supposed” to go out with my girlfriends but caught up with some crotch rocket bikers! If there is one thing I cannot stand, are those arrogant assholes on the road who think they own it! Well NOT on my roads…. So these bikers went on the “ride of their life”… their final ride! I turned them all into blue claw crabs, stole one of their bikes for myself, and then took them home and crushed them all with my size 10 open toe high heels! They certainly tried their hardest to challenge me. They were feisty fuckers. But as we all know, they only LOOK cool when they are on their bikes. They don’t look so cool underneath my feet!!!


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