Sasha’s Socks & Slippers

Crush Goddess Sasha gets off the phone with her X boyfriend. She wants him to come pick up his pet goldfish. But he tells her to do whatever she wants with them. Sasha is not a girl that you want to mess with. She is so angry that she puts one of the fish on the floor, raises her foot, and comes crashing down on this poor innocent victim. She cannot believe how good this feels. So she takes her pink slippers and completely demolishes these fish. But Sasha isn’t done yet, she then takes off her slippers and crushes some of his fish in her black fuzzy socks. She loves feeling their guts ooze into her socks. But again, Sasha isn’t done… She removes her black fuzzy socks and puts on a fresh pink pair! Yup, this girl is really going crazy on her X’s pet fish. She then gives her x boyfriend a call back and tells him not to worry, “her socks got a hold of them”… lol


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