She’s Backkk

Well gentlemen, it’s been a very long wait but it is finally over! Makayla has come back!!! This is the 1st of many clips that I will be uploading. Before we started I said to her “I think we should start out with smaller fish”, and her reply was “Naaa, No Way. Too big? NEVER!” That’s our girl! Makayla takes 3 large goldfish and stares them down. Knowing these are her first 3 victims in a long time but certainly won’t be her last! She lights up a cigarette and enjoys watching them. Seeing their reactions. If they are scared shit, or if they are as excited as she is! Makayla of course swallows these three fish, the only way she knows how. With her mouth open and with no water!
Makayla, once again, proves that SHE is the “QUEEN OF VORE”!


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