Sky’s Doctor Appointment

Alexandria’s STAR “Sky” has a bad time at the doctors. They tell her that she MUST quit smoking and she is FURIOUS!!! They try to calm her down by giving her a plate of spaghetti but Sky wants more… she wants to “chat” with all the doctors & nurses that have treated her! When they all come in to talk to her, she blows a magic potion on them all turning them into fish! She puts all 5 nurses in her glass of water and her three doctors into a bowl and proceeds to smoke and eat her spaghetti! Who are they to tell her she can’t smoke! She swallows down all those bitchy nurses and then moves on to her doctors… They wanted her to open up and say “ahhhh” well now they will really get to see down her throat – up close & personal! Sky opens up, shines a light down her throat and says “ahhhh” before she swallows each of her doctors! Then she lights up a cigarette and enjoys her full belly…


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