Slave Crush

Alexandria Star has ordered her slave Daniella to polish all of her boots for today’s custom clip! When Alexandria comes in to check on Daniella, she catches her smoking! Alexandria is furious and wants to know why she hasn’t cleaned her boots! Daniella tells her it’s because she is scared of the 4 scorpions that surround her! Alexandria tells her to go up to the camera and apologize to the customer and get on her hands and knees! She then tells her to get her a pair of boots and put them on her. She shows Daniella the scorpions but Daniella thinks they are cute! Alexandria makes Daniella watch as she crushes one of them! “How cute are they now” Alexandria asks. She then makes Daniella put on a pair of boots and crush one of the scorpions! Alexandria finds that Daniella actually is enjoying this demand! Daniella picks out another pair of boots for Alexandria & Daniella and they crush the remaining two scorpions… Alexandria then demands Daniella to finish polishing her boots!


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