Starving Skyler

Not sure how many of you have this in your Skyler collection, but in case you don’t – it’s a definite must! You know how hungry Skyler’s belly gets so you decide to be the fantastic guy that you are, to leave a burger and soda for her to eat. She cannot believe her eyes! She feels like she won a million bucks! Skyler devours this cheeseburger and enjoys every minute of it. She is so thankful that you did this for her. You really get to spend some good quality time with her while she eats. But once it’s done, she is sad, for she know wants dessert. She goes and lights up a cigarette and then notices… DESSERT! “OMG” Skyler yells out, eels! These are the best desserts ever! And there is two of them. Skyler takes the first eel and places with him a bit, giving him some sexy time inside her mouth before she gets him in the right position and down he goes! Now the second eel, he’s a bit more aggressive. He absolutely does not want to go in her mouth, and when Skyler gets him in her mouth, he does not want to go down!


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