Teachers Pet

Alexandria’s STAR “Skyler” is sitting in her classroom bitching about her job. When little ole you sneak under her desk to get a close up view Miss Skyler’s feet. But you get a little too close and the teacher feels you. She looks under her desk and see’s you. She asks you what you are doing under there (name Christian is used)… You are afraid to tell her that you have a foot fetish. She tells you that you should never ever be by her feet for look at the size of you compared to them. All of a sudden Miss Skyler here’s the principal coming and she hides you under her desk until Miss Skyler can get rid of her. Once the principal is gone, Miss Skyler goes over what you missed in class – “The digestion Process”… She shows you up close and personal what happens to a fish when swallowed. But she can see you are not understanding the lesson. So she turns you into a fish and tells you not to worry, she will regurgitate you right back up. Miss Skyler than swallows you and you can hear her saying, that she’s going to regurgitate you but you are not sure. You take the journey down Miss Skylers throat and land in her stomach. And there you will wait your final destination….


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