Stefania’s Temple

Alexandria’s Star “Stefania Mafra” has received so many requests to be shrunk down into fish and then swallowed alive to live happily ever after inside Stefania’s temple. And today she has decided to make a few of your dreams come true! She has chosen you…. You sit in front of Stefania, waiting patiently, being COMPLETELY mesmerized by her juicy wet mouth, before she blows her magic potion on you and before you know you are swimming around inside a fish bowl! OMG this is actually happening! Stefania plucks out each of you from the bowl before she places you in her mouth and swallows you down ALIVE! But no need to get nervous now, because it is happening! This is what YOU wanted…. So relax, sit back, take your last breath, and enjoy the ride because you are about to live out your days inside Stefania’s Temple.


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