“Step” Mom

So, I have had my personal favorites over the years but this clip here, tops them all!!! Michelle Peters KILLS this one! She does an amazing job and this clip is now ranked at the top of my all time favorites! So here’s how it goes…. At the annual family reunion, they played a game of softball, and Michelle’s step son was bragging how NO woman has ever gotten him out. He was also making fun of the fact that Michelle was wearing her sandals while playing the game. Well the play is thrown to Michelle, Tommy runs and BAAAAM Michelle tags 3rd base with her LEFT foot and gets poor Tommy out! Tommy cannot believe it and sobs in disbelief. So Michelle goes home, calls up her sister Alexandria Star and asks her to come over, that it is time to punish her step-son for having no respect for her. The girls turn the camera on and Michelle proceeds to show Tommy all of his little pets, his crawdads. And Michelle is going to STEP on each one with her left foot to kind of re-enact the exciting moment at the game where she got him out.
So Alexandria films as Michelle walks over each and every one of his pets, she even finds his crickets and steps on those as well!
“You see Tommy, this is why I am called “STEP” mom”!!!


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