Thanks For Playing

You invite Alexandria’s star “Delilah” over for a day of fun games. You just love brining girls over and seeing how the day turns out! Now Delilah is one of those crazy girls. She’s up for anything! So you guys start off with some card games. Whoever wins gets undressed… Whoever wins gets $50. Whoever wins gets $150. And one of the games, Delilah gets to swallow down all your pet fish through a tube! That kinda makes you sad. So Delilah asks if you want to be swallowed as well so you can go live with her fish. This is when things start getting weird. You tell Delilah no but before you know it, Delilah has shrunk you down into a tiny… She sticks you in her belly button before she actually swallows you! You try to convince her to let you out and she tells you that if she rolls a 3 with a dice, she will let you come out! But unfortunately for you, that’s not how this day is going to turn out!


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