The Digestive System

Alexandria’s STAR “Skyler” welcomes her class back from their winter break. She is very excited because her next lesson is on the digestive system. She shows the students a few minute video on how the digestive system works (shown in clip). Once the video is over she asks if there are any questions. And to her surprise the entire class has questions. This is EXACTLY what she was hoping for! Miss Skyler brought with her today a goldfish so she is going to demonstrate what happens once the goldfish is consumed. She tells the class not to worry about the goldfish, that he won’t feel a thing. She then asks again if there are any questions. And to her surprise some of the students want to demonstrate as well. So she tells them she will turn them into goldfish and swallow them so they can get an amazing view of what happens in the digestive process. She promises them she will regurgitate them back up before the process actually begins. She also makes them promise not to say anything for she is sure their parents would not be ok with this demonstration and they agree. So Miss Skyler turns them into goldfish and swallows them. Once they are in the pit of her stomach she tells the rest of the class that she lied. She won’t be regurgitating them back up. And it was the ONLY way she could deal with them “fucking brats”… A+ for the entire class!!!


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