The Initiation

Alexandria’s STARS gets a new swallower and her name is “Nina”… She contacted saying she was interested in finding out what we do here and she wants to be part of the team… So of course I invited her over. But I figured let’s see if she can pass the initiation first… So I blind fold her, and put goldfish shots in front of her. I told her to just keep taking shots to get her “nerves” out before we begin… LOL She starts taking the first couple shots and she said they were “slimy & fishy tasting”… GO FIGURE! I then tell her to remove her blindfold so she can see what she was actually swallowing! Low & behold Nina had absolutely no problem with the fact that she was just swallowing live goldfish and she wanted to continue on. So without the blindfold on, she swallowed the remaining fish. She even mouth played with a couple. I am so proud to announce that Nina has passed her initiation and is now a STAR!!!


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