They Hatched

Alexandria’s STAR “Nina” has been waiting for her DARLINGS to hatch! She has been taking good care of them, even sitting on them until they were ready to enter the world… Well today, Nina walks in to check on them and what do you know??? THEY HATCHED!!! They are small little fishes and are happily swimming around without a care in the world. The happy mommy walks around them, looking down at them, trying not to eat them!!! She picks up her first tender morsel and he just happens to slide right down her throat!!! And after that moment, Nina couldn’t resist. She tries to resist, she talks to them, plays a game with them, even gets on their level and tries to get to know them a bit, but every time she got too close… GULP!!! And there Nina lay, terribly upset with herself that she ate all of her freshly hatched loved ones!


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