The Shitty Offering

Crush Goddess “Raven” is finally back! Once she became a force to be reckon with, she went town to town DESTROYING all that lived there. But the towns quickly came up with a solution… leaving the giantess “an offering”… They would leave Raven the worst towns people, the ones that didn’t contribute to society, those would be the people she could destroy! So Raven shows up to this one town and she couldn’t believe the shitty offering they left her – a few crunchy crawsdads! So Raven takes all the towns people (200 worms) and she shoves as much as she can in her boots! They are now going to worship her feet before they die! As they move around and worship her feet, Raven takes all of her weight and jumps up and down turning all their bodies into worm goo!


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