The Unlucky Ones

It’s been a long time since “The Queen” of VORE has had any tasty treats… You see Alexandria has been laying low for quite some time now BUT lately has been feeling a little frisky. Everyone around her has been on their best behavior knowing the Giantess has been minding her own business. BUT TODAY SHE AWOKE! She found two unlucky victims, a brother and a sister that she has been smelling around her house lately. She captures them and places them into a bowl with some live bait she’s been toying with! She tells the brother and sister that she will let them go, IF they can escape her hand as it enters into the bowl for a victim to swallow! The two try to survive every time Alexandria drowns her hand into the bowl, and they do a pretty good job dodging her as she swallows the live fish. But their time comes with every scoop! Alexandria swallows all the live prey and the brother and sister team and then basks in the Florida sun, allowing the heat to penetrate her stomach as her stomach acids destroy her meal!


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