The Unwanted

Alexandria’s STAR “Carmen” has been called in to dispose of “The Unwanted”… You see the parents of these disposable beings are unsatisfied with their spawn and want them gone! So they paid BIG MONEY to Carmen to get rid of them for good! Carmen was of course happy to oblige… Carmen takes each one and explains to them how unwanted they are. That their own parents don’t even want them. So the only way to get rid of something and never have it be found, is to swallow it. So these unwanted creatures will be making their way into Carmen’s stomach where they will be dissolved by her stomach acids. These fish were screaming and pleading not to be swallowed so Carmen is kind of enough to grant them their wish. But unfortunately they are not going to like what the “other” option is… Crushed by her beautiful sandals, leaving just a stain of them behind!


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