The “Vore” Ad

Alexandria’s STAR “Veronica-Rose” has put an ad out in the newspaper for a night of “VORE”…. You see the ad and you immediately it is an ad for SEX!!! You immediately respond and the GORGEOUS Veronica responds to your response and invites you over to her house. But when you get there, there are 6 other men patiently waiting. You say nothing and you wait with them. Veronica comes in and invites you all into her bedroom. She gets on top of her bed and asks you all to come and kiss her! OMG you are so excited, you can’t wait for BAAAAMMMMMMM! Wait! What just happened? Why are you under water and why are the six other guys a goldfish? What is happening here? You then see this giant hand reaching into your water and plucking out each fish. Slowly one by one they are disappearing. You cannot hear what is happening but you can see! Veronica-Rose is swallowing each goldfish alive! There is no way out! You swim around and around but there is no exit. Finally you see the hand reaching in for you. You try to swim as fast as you can to escape but there is no way of getting out of this. You feel yourself gasping for air until finally Veronica opens her mouth and drops you into it!


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