Satisfied By EELS

Alexandria’s STAR “Skyler” is just not being satisfied by her man. She is looking for “that feeling” that she just can’t get with him! Skyler decides that she wants to feel something slither in her mouth and then slide down her mouth! So she experiments with 2 EELS! She sits in the yoga position in a bikini and starts her experiment! She mouth plays with the first one, gives the eel a great view of the back of her throat then places him as far back as she can and he slides right down her throat! Then she talks about the sensations she is getting throughout her body! The second eel is a bit bigger and chunkier and feels so good in her mouth. She opens her mouth wide and you can see the eel just slide down her throat! Finally SATISFIED, she gets on the bed, enjoys her two new additions and lies down to take a nap…


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