Two Gulp Challenge

Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” went to the store today to get some fish but the lady told her they didn’t have any BIG fish… Makayla was quite upset. She thinks the lady just wants to ruin her clips because she knows that the lady’s boyfriend watches her clips!!! So she had to settle for 30 smaller fish… So she goes home and starts to drop all of the 30 fish into a tube. While doing so, she remembers that Diamond actually won her last challenge and she congratulates her. But she decides to give Diamond or any other of Alexandria’s STARS a new challenge. She asks you about 5 minutes into the clip, to give her some ideas. You give her some but she doesn’t like them. Then you give her a great idea!!!! She is going to swallow all 30 fish in TWO GULPS!!! Makayla knows that swallowing 30 fish is no problem for her and to do it in two gulps… Piece of cake! But now let’s see if anyone of my other STARS is up for the challenge!!!


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