Uvula Inspection

Alexandria’s STAR “Diamond” is at it again. But this time she is going to inspect her uvula up close and personal with the endoscope… She sits in the Indian style position with her knees tightly bend and she plucks out each fish, gives them a close up view of where they are going to be going and then she places them on her tongue, head first, and then inspects her uvula with the endoscope as each fish passes by it and slides down her throat. She then takes a sip of water so each fish will glide nicely down to her stomach. She swallow all of her fish in this manner until they are gone, and to her surprise, there is one tiny tiny tiny fish swimming in the bowl. She has no idea how it got there, but this is exciting for she is going to compare how giant her mouth, tongue and uvula is compared to this itty bitty little fish. She swallows him and doesn’t even feel him go down he’s that small. She then lays down and checks out her video of her uvula and is pleasantly pleased…


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