Worship Me

Crush Goddess “Raven” is a giantess who goes around and demolishes every town that she can, simply because she can and it’s fun for her! She walks into one town, where her worm slaves are waiting for her, but this time they are guarded by crawdads! This just makes Raven laugh, like they even have a chance. She walks right up to them and crushes them with her boots! Then she takes out only 2 worms and places them inside her boots to see how much she can make them explode by jumping on top of them while inside her boots. But Raven needs more… She she places all 100 worms inside her hot sweaty smelly boots and she tells them they are must worship her feet or die! She knows they are all going to die anyway because no one can survive this giantess bounces up and down on their pathetic little bodies…. Once she no longer feels them squirming under her feet, Raven moves on to the next town. So be careful because Raven could be coming to your town next!


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