Your Wish

Alexandria’s STAR “Janelle” is your personal genie… And you have called upon her today because your wife has caught you on Clips4Sale and is sick of your secret fetish! She has had enough!!!! So your wish today is to rid your wife and your mother & father in-law by turning them into large goldfish and swallowing them. Janelle asks you over and over again if you are sure you want her to do this. You tell her YES! She first grabs your father in law. She asks him if he was mean to you over the years. But he tells her NO! Unfortunately Janelle cannot turn back, for your wish is her command and she swallows him down. She then pulls out your mother in law… But she is a little bit tougher for your personal genie to swallow so you allow her some water to help swallow her down. Last but not least – YOUR WIFE! Janelle tells her that she knows she didn’t like your relationship with your master and she is pleased to get rid of her! “Any last words to your husband”??? She tells you that your wife does not want this to happen and if you are indeed sure that you want her gone??? You tell her Yes, and you watch as Janelle swallows your wife down alive and whole! “Is there anything else I can do for you today Master”? “NO”? “Well thank you for letting me serve you today”!!!



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