70 Sacrifices

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Let’s start this new year off with a BANG! Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” is a Giantess that goes around the world demolishing villages, towns, men & women! You see she needs to feed her hungry belly! Some people have realized the ONLY way they can save themselves is by offering this Giantess a sacrifice! And today, Makayla was given 75 live sacrifices in order to please this Giantess and leave their town alone! Makayla is very pleased with the sacrifice. She takes 25 at a time and places them inside a tube. She loves how deathly afraid they are and how they all try to swim to the top in order to escape. But there is no escape – the only place these live sacrifices are going to go is down to the pits of Makayla’s stomach! Makayla raises the tube and swallows them all – NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND! Once all 75 have been absorbed into her soul, she rubs her large belly and quietly leaves everyone else alone!


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