Very Bad Boys

Alexandria’s STAR “Makayla” is a GODDESS! And she deserves to be treated like one! She has a secret fetish of her own where she turns men into goldfish! And unfortunately for her sons, she has decided to turn on them for not treating a “goddess” the way she should’ve been treated! She takes the first son and tells the rest that he is going to be used as an example! She terrifies them and takes him and tells him why she is doing this! She swallows him down and asks for a volunteer! She grabs the next son and he tells her he is sorry but she tells him “it’s too late” and down he goes! She swallows another realizing that this “taboo” thing is turning her on… But he tries to get away so she gets mad and tells him that he is going to be turned into POO! The final two she puts on a glass table and terrorizes them with her big mouth until she takes them both and swallows them! All of her sons went down with NO WATER! Then “mommy” lays back, feels them all playing together in her belly where they belong, COMPLETELY TURNING HER ON!



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