Belly Gifts

Alexandria’s STAR “Skyler” decides that it is time to get serious… She wants to fill her belly with lots of live prey… She lights up her cigarette and sits back and watches her 1st batch of live prey… They look so terrified swimming around in the tube wondering what is about to happen… Skyler then lifts the tube up to her deep dark hole to allow her victims to see where they are going. She opens her mouth and swallows them down with nice big gulps… Her belly is happy. She rubs it and feels it’s delight. BUT, her belly wants more gifts and she has the perfect one! AN EEL… A big, long, wet appetizing eel… She plays with him for a bit. Lays him on her belly so he can get the full experience from the outside as well as the inside. She places him into her mouth and allows him to see the hole he is about to go down. He curls up in the back of her throat trying to avoid the inevitable. Skyler reaches into her mouth, grabs his head and leads him down his path. As he slides down her throat, Skyler swallows forcing him down to his final destination. Skyler then enjoys the sensation her belly gives to her allowing her to know that it is pleased with the gifts


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