Burping Your Fish

Alexandria’s STAR “Violet” has broke up with her boyfriend and she is sitting on her bed enjoying some peace & quiet, for a change! She opens up a beer and notices that the prick forgot to take his fish! She calls him up and tells him that he has 2 minutes to get to her house or she is going to swallow all of his fish! He doesn’t believe her so she hangs up and starts to swallow!!! She hated his nasty ass fish so to get rid of them is a blessing! She actually takes selfies and sends them to her ex to prove that she is not kidding! She calls him up and he asks her if she is really swallowing his fish??? She tells him YES! “You’ve always called me a psycho bitch, well now you really get to see one”, she tells him! She takes the fish and rubs them all over her belly, all over her mouth. She even takes one and rubs them on her fake tits that her ex bought her!!! He never shows up so she swallows them all, she then calls him and burps right in his ear and says “that’s me burping up your stupid fish”!


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