Full of Life

Alexandria’s STAR “Diamond” is in need of something “live” to eat! Diamond believes that if she eats things that are alive, it will add youth to her… She sits up in bed and wonders what she could devour and then she remembers – HER GOLDFISH! They are alive and each one she swallows adds 7 years to her youth… But these goldfish are bigger, she they might even add more! Diamond tells the fish that she is going to take their lives in order to add more life to hers! She shows them her belly for that is what is going to be destroying them! She swallows each fish with no water and with her mouth open so you can see the fish actually disappear into her dark whole and Diamonds traces the fishes path as they travel to their doom! Once she has swallowed enough fish, she goes to look in the mirror to see how pretty she has become!


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