Game Over Joseph

Alexandria’s STAR “Diamond” is at it again. You see Diamond loves to swallow men that she has turned into goldfish, BUT she gets even more enjoyment out of it because her boyfriend Joseph (YOU) loves to watch as well and then they are great sex! Diamond has collected all of her men and she is waiting for you to come home… But a letter is delivered to the door with a picture of you (JOSEPH) having sex with another woman! Diamond is furious, but she knows exactly what she’s going to do! You walk through the door and you are met with Diamond blowing smoke in your face… You have no idea what is happening other than you are shrinking and now jumping around on the floor! She picks you up and places you in the bowl with all the other fish men… She shows you the picture and you know you are caught! You watch as her giant hand enters the bowl and scoops out all the other men and swallows them alive! You try and beg and plead with her. You confess your love to her but she is now a scorned woman and you have no chance of escaping this alive. She picks you up and tells you that if she can’t have you NO ONE WILL! You know what is coming next so you just sit back and accept your fate! GAME OVER JOSEPH!!!


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