I Love You Baby

Your girlfriend “Des” goes away on these “business trips”. You’ve always wondered what she does while on these trips. Today, Des is going to tell you. She’s been wanting to tell you for a long time and she hopes that it will turn you on, as much as it turns her on. So she makes you this video for you to watch and HOPEFULLY cum with her until she gets back home to you. She tells you her little dark secret. That it completely turns her on when she has something live underneath her boots. She hopes you understand and that you will be able to be here for her needs & desires. To get things started, she is going to dump out a ton of worms to get you both in the mood. O God does it turn her on and you get help but get excited watching her do this! Des is so fucking sexy… With her cute little devious voice and her moans. How can you NOT get hard? Once Des has flattened each worm, she moves on to crawdads. Now Des is really turned on and you can tell how much she enjoys doing this. The crawdads try to defend themselves and you kinda like that. They lift their claws up at her but your girlfriend is so hott that she just takes her patent leather boots and steps right on top of them! Now she only has one crawdad left, and she tells you that something ORGASMIC is about to happen! But honestly you probably haven’t even been able to hold back up to this point. So I’m not gonna tell you what happens next – you’ll have to ‘TRY’ and find out for yourself!

*** NOTE: This clip isn’t for everyone – it is only for the ones that can “handle it”… 🙂


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