Mommy’s Not Home

Young Giantess Makayla is so excited that her “mommy” has left her all alone. She is jumping up and down on her bed with her teddy when you decide it’s time to sneak up on her and try to make friends with her. Makayla notices you and tells you that she is not allowed to have boys in the house. BUT, since her mommy isn’t home, maybe you guys could play a little game, a game called Truth or Dare! Of course you agree, you cannot believe that this Giantess is eager to make a new friend! Makayla asks you a couple questions but then things turn a bit sexual! She tells you that she will show you hers, if you show her yours! “ARE YOU KIDDING”, you think to yourself! Of course you want to see Makayla’s pussy, you’ve been secretly watching her and always wanted to see what she has “down there”, so you agree! Makayla is a bit shy at first, tells you not to laugh as she pulls down her panties. Makayla then spreads it wide for you to see. She notices her clit and asks you what it is. You tell her if she rubs it, she will cum… So this innocent young giantess does exactly what you tell her to do and you watch as she realizes just how good it feels. But all of a sudden Makayla jumps up and looks out the window – HER MOMMY IS HOME AND YOU HAVE TO GO! Makayla tells you to quickly get out of there but also tells you just how much fun she had with you…


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